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I’m pretty damn sick of all these damn trends. I may be speaking out of turn but seriously. Whatever happened to sticking to something you love. I hate seeing people tell me that they don’t do this anymore or do that anymore just because they found something thats the latest shit.  I’m not saying that you shouldn’t go out and explore and find new things to do. But, don’t do it JUST because all your friends are doing it.  And if you end up loving whatever it is it is, at least stick to it for a little while. Just because your friends stop singing, doesnt mean you should stop singing. Just because your friends stop raving, doesnt mean you should stop raving. I’m not a big fan of raves or electric music but jeez who am I judge others because of their interests. I hope this year’s EZOO kicks ass really! have a great time! To be a little more personal,  I really dont like this trend crap especially in New Jersey. I have no idea how it is in other states but New Jersey has been hopping over mad trends like no tomorrow. JERSEY SHORE, JEREMY LIN phase. all that crap. even stuff crip walking, popping, breaking, singing, drawing, skating, longboarding, kakaoing(lol), and all that stuff. even music people switch around. I know I’m ranting a lot. Doesn’t mean that I didnt get caught up in the wave of trends too. I tried doing a lot of those things up there. But i only did it to explore my capabilities. Now I stick to the things I absolutely love doing. Doesn’t mean I wont explore. exploring and hopping over to something new just because its the new shit is different. The moral of this ranting is to keep doing the shit you love. Don’t abandon it just because everyone else is.  If the shoe fits, wear it. nobody said you can only have one shoe. Lol, dont throw out your converse just because nobody wears it anymore.

No disrespect to anyone. It was just something that was in my chest. there are many people that do their thing and that are dedicated to what they love. I love and respect everyone of you. Dont get angry!


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